Episode 36: Interview – Maximize Sales Price & Minimize Days on the Market by Staging Your Space – Sharon Duncan

January 7, 2019

In this episode of The Daily Real Estate Investor, host Josiah Smelser interviews Sharon Duncan, property stager and owner of Designed2Sell by Sharon in Huntsville, AL. Sharon has long had a passion for design, which eventually led her to work in staging. She has years of experience in the business – including the staging of one of Josiah’s properties – and he hopes their conversation will clarify how to sell property for the most money with the least amount of time on the market, how to best position properties to make a positive impression on potential buyers, and common staging-related mistakes that sellers make.

Josiah and Sharon share how beneficial staging can be for both buyer and seller. Josiah’s experience testifies to its value, and Sharon confirms that staging is a worthwhile investment for sellers – especially if done before the listing is made in order to make the best possible first impression on potential buyers. Sharon notes that staging can greatly increase the speed of a sale, and that it also benefits buyers by allowing them to see the potential of a home and to imagine themselves owning the properties they consider buying.

Moreover, Sharon and Josiah discuss best practices of staging. Sharon’s process involves an initial consultation, followed by a proposal for staging arranged (and priced) by room. For a quick sale, Sharon says that owners need to sell their property as a commodity, releasing emotional attachment. She also says that the three keys to a successful staging are decluttering, depersonalizing, and neutralizing. If the seller is working with a limited budget, the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom are most worthy of attention, though Sharon recommends that staging be catered to each individual property and context.

Josiah and Sharon address the impact of cultural trends on the housing market, and more specifically, on the value of staging. In a culture bent on instant gratification, staging allows people to see properties with an HGTV-like quality – houses that are move-in ready and stylish. Staging can increase the perceived value of a home, and even small efforts can make a major difference. Sharon instructs listeners in how to find a stager, and she offers her own staging services to listeners, even those outside her market. Finally, she answers a few questions (including giving some recommendations to anyone visiting western North Carolina!) that help listeners get to know her more.

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